Welcome to my website.  My name is Jane Apple, and I am a New Media major. I grew up in the largest “city” in New Hampshire, called Manchester. I work at the local ballpark and the local grocery store, and yes, two jobs is a pain, but so are these college bills. I was a ballerina for fifteen whole years, seven days a week for hours and hours a day. I’ve always loved art and technology, which brings me to New Media.

Ahh.. New Media. A term almost no incoming freshman can describe to their family or friends back home. New Media is not just art, nor is it just technology, which is why I love it so much. New Media is intriguing, because of how much you can do with it. I am very much into political science, and am hoping to continue with this interest in New Media. I am also very interested in the psychology behind technology, and how society and cultural is effected by it.

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